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Rajasthan Political Crisis: Know Cong MLAs Demands, All About This Political Drama. AICC To Submit Report Soon

Rajasthan: Rajasthan Political Crisis has been gaining pace and becoming more interesting after the scenario created by Mr. Ashok Gehlot and his supporting MLAs. Rajasthan Politics News has gained more TRPs than Congress Presidential Elections itself. The sudden move of Mr. Gehlot has disturbed the flow of Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Andolan as well.

The election for the new leader of the state parliamentary party, who will succeed Gehlot when he is chosen as the party’s national party president, has been temporarily put on hold due to the revolt of Congress MLAs loyal to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

The elected officials are opposed to Sachin Pilot’s appointment as the new chief minister. They do not want Gehlot to be replaced by the former deputy CM Pilot and instead want the next CM to be chosen by the Congress Legislative Party following the announcement of the party president election results on October 19. This demand from the Gehlot’s lovable MLA’s changed the scenario of politics in Rajasthan.

The speaker of the house, CP Joshi, is thought to have received resignation letters from about 92 of them. However, the Mr. Sachin Pilot camp is sure that the party leadership would keep its word and appoint Pilot as the new chief minister. But, there is still a doubt in the camp that high authority may backstab the Pilot just like they did it before.

Both Pilot and Gehlot are anticipated to travel to Delhi to meet with the party leadership to resolve the matter because these MLAs have refused to back down from their demand or even see Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken, the central observers. Today, Kharge and Maken will also return to Delhi, providing the party leadership with their report.

Currently, there are various plots that are getting created after this topsy-turvy in Rajasthan Congress. There are multiple possibilities, let’s look at some of them:

First Possibility:

A different candidate is chosen by the central leadership of Congress to run in the party’s presidential election. This really works to Gehlot’s favor because he was a hesitant candidate in the first place; he wanted to keep his position as chief minister and, when compelled to, continued to do both duties until it became evident that he couldn’t. Additionally, it will make public an open secret of the party, namely that despite Sonia Gandhi, the party’s current president, saying they would be neutral, the central leadership is eager to have its own candidate for the presidential elections.

Second Possibility:

In order to provide Gehlot’s confidante the opportunity to become the chief minister, the Congress party adopts Gehlot’s position. Congress leaders in Jaipur claim that by doing this, the government will remain in place and MLA uprisings will be avoided. According to political analysts, this would imply that Gehlot would keep leading the Rajasthani administration. But in essence, this implies that the lawmakers would have confronted Congress’ top brass.

Third Possibility:

Sachin Pilot is chosen as the chief minister by the Congress leadership, who also persuades Gehlot of their choice and asks for his help in persuading Gehlot’s MLAs to accept Pilot as their leader. This would not be simple, according to party leaders in Jaipur, as Gehlot-aligned MLAs are unwilling to accept Pilot as chief minister because they believe that he was responsible for the party’s uprising in 2020. MLAs are undoubtedly under Gehlot’s control, despite the fact that he is thought to have assured the party leadership on Sunday night that they are not.

Fourth Possibility:

The party may decide on a chief ministerial candidate who is supported by both Gehlot and Pilot. At the gathering of party observers and party leaders on Sunday in Jaipur, it appears that the names of such MLAs were brought up. The observers’ report to the Congress high leadership may include these names. Of course, Pilot, who essentially gets nothing, is not going to favor this choice.

Demands Of Cong MLAs In Rajasthan Favoring Mr. Gehlot-


“One was to announce the implementation of the resolution of turning over the duty (to nominate CM) to Congress President after October 19; we said it’ll be a conflict of interest,” the author added.

Second condition: They insisted on arriving in groups despite our assurances that we would speak with each person individually; despite our efforts to make it clear that this isn’t how things operate, they refused.

“The third need was that the CM must come from within the 102 MLAs who support CM Ashok Gehlot, not from Sachin Pilot’s group. We assured them that the Cong chief would hear their specific concerns and will make a decision after speaking with CM Ashok Gehlot and other stakeholders “Ajay Maken added.

Sonia Gandhi Instructs AICC Monitors To Meet Privately With Congress Legislators-


According to ANI, Sonia Gandhi, the current party president of the Congress, instructed AICC observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken to have one-on-one conversations with Rajasthan MLAs to settle the state’s dispute over the Chief Minister’s position.



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