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PM Modi To Declare Modhera As India’s First Solar-Powered Village On 9 October

Gujarat: Moving one step closer to creating eco-friendly environments and reducing carbon emissions in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will proclaim Modhera, known for its Sun Temple, as India’s first solar-powered village on Sunday (9 October).

The Modhera temple area has also been fitted with solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, serving as a shining example of eco-tourism.

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said in reference to the Modhera solar power project: “I am glad that Gujarat has once again taken the initiative in fulfilling the Prime Minister’s aim of creating clean energy. We are dedicated to achieving his goal, of meeting 50% of India’s energy needs using renewable energy by 2030.

Gujarat’s Modhera as First Solar-Powered Village

According to a statement, the central and state governments had started the “Solarization of Modhera Sun Temple and Town”. This project will provide Modhera with a battery energy storage system (BESS) integrated with a solar power project at Sujjanpura in Mehsana, about six kilometers from the Sun Temple, Modhera.

The state of Gujarat has allocated 12 hectares of land for the development of this project. The central and state governments each contributed Rs. 80.66 crores in two phases. 69 crore in Phase-I and Rs. 11.66 crores in Phase-II—on a 50:50 basis.

Sun Temple Solarization- Defining New India


Solar energy will power the Sun Temple’s heritage lighting and 3-D projection. The 3-D projection will inform viewers about Modhera’s past. During the evening, this projection will run for 15 to 18 minutes. On the grounds of the temple, historical lighting has been placed.

sun temple modhera

People can now visit the temple to see the lighting from 6 pm to 10 pm. The 3-D projection will run every evening from 7:00 to 7:30. The main motive for doing such things is to promote tourism as well as to move India towards renewable energy.

Gujarat’s Modhera as India’s First Solar-Powered Village

More than 1,300 1 kW rooftop solar systems have been installed on homes that produce power. The solar panels provide daytime electricity. The BESS supplies power to the homes in the evening.

No Electricity Fees For Residents In Modhera


“Use of solar energy has boosted citizen prosperity. Power bills were formerly around Rs 1000 but are now nearly zero. At no expense, solar panels have been installed in every conceivable home. We also make extra money when there is excess power, according to Jatanben D. Thakor, Sarpanch of Modhera.

Now, it will be very keen to see how India’s promise of reaching the target of net zero carbon emission till 2070 goes.

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