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Congress President Election: Gehlot Might Run For The Presidency After Tharoor, And More State Entities Support Rahul. Know The Reasons That Give Rajasthan’s CM The Advantage Over Kerala’s MP.


In a new development in Indian Politics, the congressmen are ready to choose their chief. The main question here is who will be the final candidate to be selected as the supreme in-chief to lead congress in the upcoming elections. As state elections are about to come in many states, everyone including the oppositions is eager to know the final result of the Congress Presidential Election. The main competition is between the two veteran congressmen who have proven themselves in the eyes of Sonia Gandhi. Mr. Sashi Tharoor and Mr. Ashok Gehlot have been in the race. It will be very kneeling to see who will cross the winning line to march as the President of Congress.

Shashi Tharoor has declared his intent to run in the Congress’s presidential election. Rahul has kept everybody on their toes. Ashok Gehlot is preparing to enter the race right now. As the deadline for submitting candidature draws near, the competition for the position of Congress president has heated up in recent days. There were a lot of talks that the chief minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, may run for office, so he met with Sonia Gandhi, the party’s leader, in the nation’s capital on Wednesday. Two days prior, Tharoor met with Sonia to discuss running for office, and the Congress president responded, “He is welcome to do so.” Here are the most recent changes.

All Contests Are Open To The Public, They Can Decide:

When asked about Gehlot’s potential campaign for the position earlier today, Gehlot’s adversary Sachin Pilot, who is now in Kerala, responded that anyone is free to contest. “Anyone who wants to run for office may submit a nomination. It’s an open, fair, and transparent process; after the elections, Congress will be stronger than before “Captain remarked. Sachin Pilot dismissed squabbling among the state leadership and claimed that the party leadership made the decision in 2018 and it is still in effect. “Everyone will support whatever choice the Congress leadership makes, whether it’s on the AICC or Rajasthan.” Sachin Pilot was conspicuously absent from Gehlot’s CLP meeting on Tuesday because he is currently riding alongside Rahul on the first leg of the day’s Bharat Jodo Yatra

‘Sonia, Contesting Does Not Require Rahul’s Consent-

The Congress wanted to make it clear that leaders do not require the consent of the Congress president or her son Rahul to run for office by having Tharoor and Gehlot visit Sonia prior to the nomination. Speaking to the media between the first and second legs of the day’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, AICC General Secretary in Charge of Communications Jairam Ramesh said: “Anyone is free and welcome to participate in the election if they have the endorsement of 10 PCC delegates.” “Rahul Gandhi or the Congress president’s approval is not necessary for anyone to submit a nomination.

There will be fair and open voting. Elections are not held by any other political party in the nation to choose its leader.” Ramesh, concurrently. He added that he supports choosing the party president based on consensus in line with the Kamraj model. He cited the illustrious Congressman K. Kamaraj’s “perspective,” which was to “speak to everyone and find a reasonable consensus pick” to lead the party. Notably, Ramesh experienced the same issue earlier this week when Tharoor paid a visit to Sonia.
Rahul wants to lead the state units.

With Congress units in Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, and Haryana passing resolutions endorsing the Gandhi scion for the position of party president, the call for Rahul to assume the role is only getting stronger. They sided with him along with at least eight other Pradesh Congress committees (PCCs). Besides the four PCCs who supported Rahul in the last election,The Wayanad MP has already gained the support of party units in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and J&K in the past 24 hours.

Is A Gehlot-Tharoor Matchup Planned?

Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, and Shashi Tharoor, an MP, are the two candidates gaining traction for the top job while Rahul Gandhi has not yet made up his decision. Gehlot has indicated that he will run for Congress head if Rahul Gandhi does not, and Sonia Gandhi has given her approval for Tharoor’s candidacy.

On Wednesday in the capital, Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi, the head of the Congress. According to sources, Gehlot and Sonia Gandhi discussed the Congress presidential election during their conversations. The deadline for submitting nominations for organizational elections is September 30. The nomination process starts on September 24. On October 17, Congress will hold elections to choose its new president. The nominations may be withdrawn up to October 8; the votes will be tallied on October 19.

Gehlot, who is regarded as a close member of the Nehru-Gandhi family, has advised both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi on significant issues. When Rahul Gandhi was repeatedly called by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the National Herald money laundering case, the Rajasthan chief minister was one of the well-known figures who took to the streets. Gehlot has also been given a prominent observer position by Congress in Gujarat, where the state Assembly elections are scheduled for later this year. Some stories claim that the Gandhis have asked Gehlot to run for president in the elections.

On the other hand, Tharoor was one of the G-23 Congress leaders who spoke out strongly in a letter to Sonia Gandhi calling for significant party reforms and openness in the decision-making process.

Experience In Administration-

Currently serving his third term as Rajasthan’s chief minister is Gehlot (1998-2003, 2008-2013, and 2018-present). Additionally, he worked as a union minister for PV Narsimha Rao, Rajiv Gandhi, and Indira Gandhi.

Twice for a brief time, Tharoor held the position of union minister: from October 2012 to May 2014 as minister of state for human resource development and from May 2009 to April 2010 as minister of state for external affairs. He has written more than 20 books and worked for the UN for almost 30 years in various capacities.

Clarity Image-

While Tharoor frequently got into difficulty, Gehlot has been able to avoid them. A TOI article claims that Tharoor resigned from his ministerial position in 2010 due to accusations that he had abused his power to purchase stock in an IPL cricket club. After his wife passed away inexplicably in 2014, Tharoor was accused of encouraging his wife to commit suicide. He was cleared of all allegations, nonetheless, in 2021.

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