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behind-the-scenes battle with the NHL, the wife of one of the league’s top players accusing a teammate’s fiancee of bullying and harassment. Victor Oquendo is here. Has that story for us. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning. This is a very ugly situation. Those attacks allegedly being carried out online and social media and one of the women involved is taking legal action. Melinda Karlsson’s husband is the captain of the team. Known for his tenacious defense and tough play. But this morning both Erik and Melinda find themselves squaring off against an unexpected foe, the fiance of one of his teammates, Monika Caryk, they believe she has been cyberbullying them on social media for the past six months making alleged threats and hurtful comments about Melinda’s unborn child who she lost in March. In a recently filed protection order Melinda Karlsson claims she has uttered numerous statements wishing my unborn child dead. She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should take out my husband’s legs to end his career. Caryk denies the allegations. We’re not sure who did what. We will find out. I think the authorities will get to the bottom of this. But the fact that we’re talking about the team captain of the ottawa senators and his wife and they are making these charges very serious allegations against a teammate’s girlfriend. Reporter: But now the family of other teammates are jumping into the fray. The wife of a former goalie on the team tweeting about Monika. Her fixation with Mel has always been unhealthy then it became scary. So glad me. L is protecting herself. No team will welcome her to the room. Reporter: Hoffman tells “The ottawa citizen” we’ve offered to cooperate and do anything it takes to find out who is doing this. There is a 150% chance that my fiancee Monika and I are not involved in any of the accusations that have been pursued that are coming our way adding there’s no place for cyberbullying. The future of the two men — Hard to imagine them co-existing next year. Reporter: Those players have been teammates for years. It’s really tough to share a locker room after this. So ugly. All right, thank you so much, Victor, appreciate that.

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