Denver cop suspended after pleading to driving after drinking alcohol – The Denver Post

A Denver Police Department officer later this month serve a 10-day suspension without pay after he pleaded guilty to driving after he had been drinking alcohol.

Armando Cruz will serve the suspension later this month, according to his disciplinary letter. He has been a Denver police officer since 1997.

Cruz was arrested on Oct. 21, 2017, by a Parker Police Department officer who had received reports from motorists about a possibly intoxicated driver swerving erratically and nearly hitting two other cars. The Parker officer found Cruz driving about 20 miles per hour on a road where the speed limit was 40 miles per hour, the letter said.

The Parker officer noted in his report that Cruz was unable to maintain speed, would slow down and speed up and would swerve from side to side in his lane. Cruz failed roadside sobriety tests, the letter said. No blood or breath tests were administered.

Cruz pleaded guilty in February to driving while ability impaired. He agreed to pay more than $1,370 in fines and fees, to work 24 hours of community service and to spend 12 months on probation, according to Douglas County court records.

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